Local guides in Poznan and Greater Poland
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Urban game

Discovering the most beautiful corners of Poznan is a great challenge for families, groups of friends and tourists who want to visit the capital of Greater Poland in an unusual way or to add variety to a guided tour of Poznan. An urban treasure hunt is great fun and lasts about an hour. As you search for each clue, you will discover corners you didn't know existed. Join in the fun, which is an excellent way to spend your time. Children are not the only ones who love solving riddles, finding clues and following the trail of mysteries. What awaits at the end? See for yourself!

Urban treasure hunt: Old Town in Poznan

You are in the Old Town in Poznan. You are holding a quest flyer in your hand; what comes next? Start your journey according to instructions finding one clue after another, solving riddles and tasks. As you walk around you will discover well-known streets. Discover mysteries and treasures tucked away in the unlikeliest of locations. All the clues in the game allow you to reach the treasure chest.

Discover Poznan and learn about places connected to the city's history. “Royal Poznan" was chosen as one of the most popular urban treasure hunts in Poland in 2019.

Urban game: Ostrów Tumski [Cathedral Island] in Poznan

The history of Poznan is extremely engaging. Learn about the reigns of Mieszko I and Bolesław Chrobry while having great fun. An urban treasure hunt in the form of a quest, in the footsteps of the first rulers, will give a completely different perspective on the oldest times of Poznan. It's not just kids who will have a good time exploring Ostrów Tumski (Cathedral Island) using the clues provided in the Quest. Explore undiscovered places in Ostrow Tumski, discover surprises, solve tasks and solve riddles. At the end of the game you will find a treasure chest with a secret seal hidden inside. This will end the entire game.

The urban game takes around an hour and runs smoothly under the supervision of our professional guide. At your request, we will book a meal in an excellent restaurant offering regional dishes, or coffee/tea and the St. Martin's croissants.