Local guides in Poznan and Greater Poland
We offer more - comprehensive organisation of your stay

Images, emotions, scents, and impressions are the things that stick with us,¬leaving an indelible mark on our minds. Trips with the family, weekends spent with your significant other, business dinners, and showing off the city's best sights to business partners can all add up to a welcome break from your hectic schedule. JustPoznan.pl - you've come to the right place, let us guide you further towards Poznan, along the Piast Route and the picturesque Greater Poland countryside.

A guide to Poznan? We offer more - comprehensive organisation of your stay

Find out more about us! JustPoznan.pl is a project created by passionate tourist guides. We're a team who'd love to help you plan an upcoming tour to Poznan, where we can show you the best of Poznan and Greater Poland while also dealing will all the organisation. If you are thinking of visiting the capital of the Greater Poland region, exploring the Piast Route, discovering unique places, do not hesitate to contact us. Call or email us so that we can arrange every detail of your tour.


What awaits you on a guided tour of Poznan?

We will customise the itinerary of your tour to meet your needs and preferences in terms of content, length, and pace. We will arrange your transportation, itinerary, and entrance tickets in advance, taking into account the sites' hours of operation, price range, and availability. We'll make sure you have comfortable accommodation and point you in the direction of the best coffee shop in town.

Do you have family from afar? Associates and important investors? A partner you particularly care about? With JustPoznan.pl, your trip will run perfectly, without the slightest stumble. In unforeseen situations, we find solutions that fit seamlessly into your expectations.

Recall excellent organisation and a unique atmosphere

We provide guiding services in Poznan in Polish, English, German, Russian, Italian, French and Spanish. We are in the business of providing a comfortable stay in Poznan and Greater Poland. Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with well-established hotel and catering companies, we offer an excellent service and make your stay more enjoyable in modern, stylish surroundings. We provide a comprehensive guiding service of Poznań.

You can focus on exploring, sightseeing and creating memories while we take care of the organisational side. A nice, friendly atmosphere, peace of mind and a deep knowledge of the sites are guaranteed.

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