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The oldest necropolis

The capital of Greater Poland is a unique place! It is here that the remains of the first rulers of Poland are buried. It was here that Slavic tribes formed the beginnings of our state. Explore this magical world on a four-hour guided tour. The tour "The oldest necropolis" by JustPoznan.pl has been carefully planned to honour the original Piasts.

Meet your guide in Poznan, at a pre-arranged location, punctually at the agreed time. We will take care of the rest. We will begin our tour with the most important places on Ostrów Tumski starting with the Psalterists` House, the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Cathedral with the burial place of the first rulers of Poland, and going on to the remains of the First and Second Cathedral, the wreath of chapels (including the Górka Family Chapel, the Golden Chapel with the remains of Mieszko I and Bolesław Chrobry), to the Royal Chapel), and then walk across the Bishop Jordan Bridge to Śródka. Do you want to see some unique street art: ‘A story of Śródka with a trumpeter on the roof and a cat in the background’?

Let's return to Ostrów Tumski to see the Brama Poznania [Porta Posnania]. We will visit the Genius Loci Archaeological Preserve exhibition, where you will see memorabilia from the beginnings of our state and the city of Poznan, as well as the building of the Lubrański Academy.

Your sightseeing experience will be greatly enhanced if you stop for a St. Martin's Croissant and coffee or a traditional Greater Poland meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We will take care of the booking.

Now you know..., please get in touch so that we can discuss the specifics of your tour and make adjustments as needed.