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2001 - that's when it all started. Nearly twenty years have passed, but the enthusiasm we share with you on every tour remains strong and ever-evolving.

Since 2001, we at JustPoznan.pl have served as your guides and tour leaders, coming into our own with each and every one of our tours. In the beginning, we were your guides to Poznan, its surroundings, Kórnik, Rogalin, Puszczykowo and the Piast Route. We are currently expanding our guiding services to Berlin, Saxony, and Brandenburg in addition to our already popular trips in and around Poznan.

100 years - this is the amount of experience as guides in Poznan that our team can boast

Our unique perspective on the Greater Poland area allows us to take a fresh approach to sightseeing, making each tour an unforgettable adventure. We love what we do and you can see the passion in everything we do. Therefore, we heartily welcome all visitors to Poznan, whether they come alone, in a group, with their company, or as students on field excursions.

With over a century of expertise between us, fluency in multiple languages, and the ability to coordinate all aspect of your trip to Poznan, including tickets, transportation, and lodging, we are confident that we can provide you with the best guiding services possible throughout your time here. We offer comprehensive care, which we carry out using our organisational skills.

A trip to Poznan? JustPoznan.pl - and NOW YOU KNOW

The guides at JustPoznan.pl came together because they love telling visitors about Poznan's rich history and culture, as well as its numerous hidden gems. Although we are enthusiastic about new technology, we make it clear at every point of the trip that a guide to Poznan, a person with genuine interest, expertise, and a kind demeanor, is preferable than a smartphone app any day. Let's get to know each other and explore together. I hope that you have a wonderful time in Greater Poland, and that our meeting leads to many more adventures in the future. Join thousands of satisfied tourists.

JustPoznan.pl - and NOW YOU KNOW