Local guides in Poznan and Greater Poland
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Explore Poznan

How much time will it take to explore Poznan?

A guided tour of Poznan including a meal break and moving between sites will take a maximum of 10 hours. During a full-day tour of Poznan with a guide from JustPoznan.pl you will experience the city's most important monuments, delighting you with their extraordinary history and looks.

In the beginning, we will set up a meeting place with a guide. Our tour of Poznan starts with Ostrow Tumski. Your guide will take you to the Psalterists` House, the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Cathedral with the burial place of the first rulers of Poland, through the remains of the First and Second Cathedral, the wreath of chapels (including the Górka Family Chapel, the Golden Chapel with the remains of Mieszko I and Bolesław Chrobry) and to the Royal Chapel.

Did you know that the most beautiful 3D mural in Poland was created in Poznan? We will cross the Bishop Jordan Bridge to Śródka, where you can admire this work of art (‘A story of Śródka with a trumpeter on the roof and a cat in the background’). In the next part, we propose going further into the heart of Ostrów Tumski, followed by a ride/walk to the Old Town, where you will experience the beauty of the Old Market Square - the façade of the Renaissance Town Hall, the Merchants' Houses, the Pillory and the Goats (at midday). Do you know how the famous St. Martin's Croissants are made? At the Poznan Croissant Museum you will learn the secrets of how they are made.

A lot to take in? Time for a lunch break and free time. Just chill out however you like. If you'd like, we can plan, book, and transport you there.- Wielkopolska cuisine will delight you with its simplicity and tradition. Potatoes with ‘gzik’ (quark cheese mixed with cream and chives or radish)? We know where they taste best.

What can you see after lunch? The choice is yours. We propose, you accept. Przemysł Hill? Or perhaps the Freedom Square (Plac Wolności), the buildings around the Adam Mickiewicz Square... You can see all the buildings or choose what you are interested in from our suggestions. Let's talk and we will agree on a plan that meets your expectations.