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In Search of the White Lady

Let's arrange a meeting place with a guide to explore the mysterious corners of Kórnik Castle. Let's meet on time to explore the world of mysteries and riddles of one of the most beautiful castles in the Greater Poland region.

The legend of the White Lady, learn about her today!

The castle, surrounded by a moat and built for the Górka family, became famous thanks to legends that a treasure was hidden in its vaults. Those brave enough who tried to get close to the valuables perished without a trace or were found, terrified, in the surrounding woods. The curse that was cast on the Górka treasure was not even lifted by a clergyman from the neighbouring parish, and to this day the ghost of Teofila of Działyński, known as the White Lady, still appears in the castle, who, according to legend, ordered the demolition of the ruins so that the bricks from the building could be used to rebuild the buildings that belonged to the local population that had been destroyed by fire.

In the footsteps of mysterious events

... You can learn everything there is to know about this special location by taking a guided tour. The nearly five-hour tour, in the footsteps of the White Lady, includes a visit to the Kórnik Castle, rebuilt in the 19th century by Tytus Działyński (style: English Neo-Gothic), and includes the Living Room, the Lounge, the Count Zamoyski`s Room, the General's Wife’s Room, the Black Room, the Boudoir, the Dining Room, Maria Zamoyski's Room, Moorish Room, as well as the Hunters' Room and the Guest Room. We will stroll through the Market Square and the arboretum. At the Market Square you can see the remains of Kórnik’s Jewish community, the late Gothic church, the town hall and Prowent (birthplace of Wisława Szymborska, Nobel Prize winner in 1996).

The culmination of this exciting sightseeing tour will be a cruise on the "White Lady" vessel on Lake Kórnik. We can organise a meal in one of the finest restaurants offering regional dishes. Experience the flavours of Greater Poland. The tour charge does not cover admission to the Castle, the boat ride, or the arboretum.