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The Classic Tour of the Greater Poland region: Kórnik - Rogalin - Puszczykowo

We offer a seven-hour tour during which you will visit, with a guide, unique places that will stay with you forever. See inside unique buildings with extraordinary character and impressive history. Admire the magnificently maintained rooms, where you will feel the breath of history and be transported in your imagination to distant times, when the lives of the mighty took place behind the castle walls.

Kórnik - one of the most beautiful places in Greater Poland. Surrounded by a moat, the castle, located on Lake Kórnik, was built for the Górka family. Legend has it that treasure was hidden within its walls, which was guarded by a curse for many years. It was rebuilt in the 19th century by Tytus Działyński. Today you can admire the Living Room, the Count Zamoyski`s Room, the General's Wife’s Room, the Lounge, the Black Room, the Boudoir, the Dining Room, Maria Zamoyski's Room, the Hunters` Room, the Moorish Room and the Guest Room. A walk through the arboretum is not to be missed.

In Rogalin, the working room of Edward Bernard Raczyński awaits you, as well as the Raczyński family portrait gallery. Any visitor to the spectacular palace is sure to enjoy exploring its ornate interior, carriage house, and gallery. Loose yourself in the charm of the beautiful English park and Rococo garden. See the three famous oak trees: Lech, Czech and Rus.

The village of Puszczykowo will welcome you with the interior of Arkady Fiedler's literary home, where you can admire the garden containing exhibits from the writer's books. The eminent writer and traveller is a figure you will learn more about on our guided tour.

During the tour, we will drive you between Kórnik and Rogalin, and between Rogalin and Puszczykowo. We can book a delicious meal in a restaurant, famous for its regional cuisine. The cost of the tour does not include the entrance fee to the palace, arboretum, castle and the Arkady Fiedler Museum.